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Noel Tammel :Toy Mage: by Jutsei Noel Tammel :Toy Mage: :iconjutsei:Jutsei 13 22 Adalynn :Changeling: by Jutsei Adalynn :Changeling: :iconjutsei:Jutsei 9 5 Farris Bloomville :Violet Alchemist: by Jutsei Farris Bloomville :Violet Alchemist: :iconjutsei:Jutsei 11 38 The Ultimate Embrace!(Blazblue Homage/Sachi TG/AR) by Jutsei The Ultimate Embrace!(Blazblue Homage/Sachi TG/AR) :iconjutsei:Jutsei 12 22 You Just Need To Become a Witch! (Story Picture) by Jutsei You Just Need To Become a Witch! (Story Picture) :iconjutsei:Jutsei 15 44 Just Like Sisters... (RP Plot) by Jutsei Just Like Sisters... (RP Plot) :iconjutsei:Jutsei 17 15 Don't Lose Your Way... (Alternate Design/RP Plot) by Jutsei Don't Lose Your Way... (Alternate Design/RP Plot) :iconjutsei:Jutsei 15 10 Vampire Sachi (Bad End/What If?) by Jutsei Vampire Sachi (Bad End/What If?) :iconjutsei:Jutsei 15 52
The World of Larutan
I decided to write a bit of a field guide to Scarlet's world, since I've kinda been hush-hush about it, I hope this helps get you excited for the future chapters, as well as giving you a more complex grip on the setting in general, to prevent you from being lost!
The Universe And Its Makers
In the Infinite Cosmos, there lay many universes, each one with it's own unique worlds, races, and species. They may or may not have beings often called "Gods". In this universe, there are two Gods of Creation. Huo, the writer of the Cosmos, who creates many things, be it a life form, a planet, or a simple invention, he decides how it works, what it does, and where it will be, but he can only make the basic concept, and how it fits into the grand picture... And his dear partner, Tat, the Artist of all Life. She brings color, personality, and most importantly, life into Huo's creations so that they come together in harmony. They cannot exist without the other.
Huo's appearance is
:iconjutsei:Jutsei 3 4
Sachi by Jutsei Sachi :iconjutsei:Jutsei 11 12
The Museum's Invitation (Ib Alternate Universe)
The white walls of the museum were littered with all sorts of macabre art the child never once thought of seeing, but that mattered little right now. She had to find her friend. A friend that was separated from her. Was it any surprise she preferred to be alone? As the child walked through the building that was much larger than her, far away from the group she was assigned,  she noted that the sounds of people bustling seemed to die down. It wasn’t long until the only companion she had was the sound of her own footsteps on the hardwood floor.
! Wait, was that…it had to be! In front of a…rather strange and ornate door was a plain bunny plushie that was well worn, yet had fair craftsmanship! It was Tria, her best friend! Without A second thought, Mathilde ran up and gladly picked up her friend, cradling her in her arms. “I’m so sorry I left you Tria, I won’t let go of you for a long time now….” she hugged the doll tightly.
As she tu
:iconjutsei:Jutsei 2 2
The Lost Little Rabbit (Ib Alternate Universe) by Jutsei The Lost Little Rabbit (Ib Alternate Universe) :iconjutsei:Jutsei 19 14
Character Profiles: Farris Bloomville
Farris is an alchemist that is blessed with restorative fire, but plagued with amnesia and absolutely no knowledge of her past beyond a certain point. She seeks a lost sister that has gone down a dark path and wishes to bring her back along the path of righteousness. Though she is very kind, this has led to numerous bad situations that she has had to fix and face the consequences of her actions.
Name: Farris Bloomville
Age: 19
Notable Features: Chestnut brown hair, violet eyes, has a variety of alchemical devices on her person.
She had no idea who she was, where she came from, or why she was there, all she knew was that one day she awoke in a misty forest with no recollection of how she got there. What happened? Did she do something wrong to end up there? All she could feel was a warm feeling in her chest.
Luckily for her, shortly after her awakening, a girl that appeared to be only a few years older than her approached her. She i
:iconjutsei:Jutsei 2 8
Scarlet Creda (Slightly Updated) by Jutsei Scarlet Creda (Slightly Updated) :iconjutsei:Jutsei 22 17
Character Profiles: Scarlet Creda
Scarlet was once a human orphan  before she was given the dark gift of vampirism, though she is only half a vampire, she has the gift of immortality, and wishes to make the most of it by seeing all of her world. Even if it takes a life time. She is trained in the magical arts, commanding fire and darkness, as well as the power to "synchronize" with a stuffed animal. Weakened by sunlight, riddled with guilt, and somewhat clingy.
Name: Scarlet Creda  (Formerly: Mathilde Ferdinand)
Age: 15 (Physically, is 12)
Notable Features:
Crimson Red Eyes (Formerly a deep aqua), golden blonde hair stained with vampiric blood, a black dress that occasionally has blood on it, and alabaster white skin
Mathilde Ferdinand never knew her parents, for as long as she could remember, she was an orphan, though the girl was never popular at the orphanage, she had a companion named Kate... she'd do anything for her, and she would return the favor.  Why sh
:iconjutsei:Jutsei 3 4
(Displaced Dimensions) Adventure Time Mathilde(s) by Jutsei (Displaced Dimensions) Adventure Time Mathilde(s) :iconjutsei:Jutsei 16 18

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Most of my new settings, OCs, and whatever aren't found on here, I put them on other sites and stuff usually.
I mean I might share them with some people but chances are unlikely.
Doesn't mean I don't love talking about them for someone who's interested though
Hey guys
Good job electing Biff Tannen and ensuring that we're in the Bad Future.
Doc Brown's gonna be in Jail and Martys gonna be an asshole.
Thanks a ton.
I have been making characters and AUs lately, I just don't wanna upload them here because
1) I'm too lazy and dont wanna type out their backstories again
2) spoilers for their stories
3) I forget
I'm gonna be frank, I mostly post stuff on Tumblr now because it's much easier to credit the stuff I commission there, I'm still going to be active here from time to time to post characters or writing should I ever get to it, but I don't come here as often because the number of artists I actually care about here are dwindling, used to be so much creativity for the interests I had, but they've all burned out or faded away, so I have less incentive to post, commission, or even come on here as often.
I've had a character finished for a while I just haven't uploaded them here because I'm just that lazy    
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Call me "Shin"
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