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Skull Girl Scarlet by Dragon-FangX

And wrapping up my October commissions with this one! Really took my vision/idea for this to new heights with this. It's good to know y...

Black Blood Scarlet by Dragon-FangX

Where to start with this? There's so many thigns done right that look amazingly cool in this. Basically nailed everything I asked for, ...

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Vampire Learning to Hop by Dragon-FangX

Yet another Critique to make up for the fact I haven't been up to it. First of all, I really like the design, Scarlet's never really wo...

Shin, Scarlet, other OCs of mine

Just art of my characters my awesome friends have drawn for me!


Mah Stamps!

Wall of Awesome People!

:iconstupid93: A very nice girl from Malaysia, we get along really well, and she's a great artist! She is the one who drew Scarlet's reference, and might work on a comic of Scarlet's story, perhaps
:iconmidnight-tea: One of my closest friends who's really helped me with writing, becoming a better person, and in general is just an amaznig person with very great writing, please check out their stuff!
:iconkayziomau: Admin of :iconultimaterpx-da:, but super nice, super kind, and very very talented and overall, extremely cool. She deserves a watch since she's so amazing!
:iconmatttheumbreon: Very nice person, deserves a watch!
:iconquarma: A very original mind, has lots of unique characters and ideas, watch him, maybe?
:icongrekiro: Another new friend, he's very fun to talk to.
:iconluxianne: Met this person recently, she's very nice and I really like talking to her. Plus she's got some very very nice art.
:icondragon-fangx: Probably the weirdest person on the list, he's strange but really creative and nice. He's got a comic going that's pretty awesome and unique, but a large number of things on his page are strange/fetishy, so fair warning.
:iconshiki-scarlet: VEry nice, very kind, very awesome. I RP with her a lot. Also makes some good sprite comics.
:iconkumoridragon: Shes an awesome artist, and an even better friend. Her art is very stylish
:iconlavender-doll: Another good friend, this one is more...risque? Either way, they've got top notch art. Give them a watch
:iconwhenwolvescryout: A very nice guy with great art, and he got me into liking Kitsune stuff.
Give his art a watch





Even Weirder Non-Canon Stuff
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Alternate Universe Stuff
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Farris Bloomville :Violet Alchemist: by Jutsei
Farris Bloomville :Violet Alchemist:
So, wow, this took a while, didn't it? Who is this? This is Farris Bloomville, the "second" main character of the Larutan setting as a whole. She's an alchemist who's seeking her lost sister, who's gone astray from her path, and Farris hopes to redeem her and bring her back. Not only that, but she also hopes to find clues regaining her missing memories
She's called the "Violet Alchemist" because she wields a special kind of flame magic, while most people using that type of magic have orange or red flames, hers are a soft purple, and also have a special ability, the  ability to heal, as well as hurt.

The device on her right arm is pretty special, it's something special she invented, the Truesilver Chain, chains can shoot out of it, the disc portion can be shot out, and she can in general do all sorts of Spider-Man or Hazama like things with it!

Some of you might remember I wrote a profile for her a while back!
She has a bit of a Phoenix Motif, because a phoenix is bonded to her soul, can't get too deep into it, because spoilers!

Anyway, she's going to have her own story alongside Scarlet, where she goes across the setting, seeking her sister, memories, and to create her "Magnum Opus", the goal of all Alchemists.
Hope you enjoy her, my friend Tart did a great job with her design! Looks more adventurous without being overtly "alchemist"
Alright, 2 weeks late, but Happy New Year! May All past things be forgotten, and all that. I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and a great break.
I've been relaxing these past few weeks, but I'm going to be writing and commissioning a lot of stuff soon!
My friend :iconmidnight-tea: has been inspiring the crap out of me lately and I'm just filled to the brim with ideas. I'll probably more than likely write up some referential stuff for Scarlet's setting and maybe an outline of how the world works, because I've been very mum about how her setting is, and that's more or less the big thing I've been working on for the past half-year.
Scarlet's setting is no longer a real world mirror, it's a fantasy world called Larutan, filled with many continents, interesting people, and where mana is around every corner. But, Science and technology is starting to catch on. What's gonna happen? Can Magic and Science Co-exist, will science eke out over magic? Or perhaps Alchemy will just be everything. in the end.
But yeah, sorry I haven't been doing much lately. Gonna get off my duff now!
Have a nice day!

ALSO GUYS I APOLOGIZE if you get notified of this due to the new notification thing.
I've snipped all this bullshit and added it to a widget on my page!
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Oops, Time For a New Poll. What Kind of Writing would you like to see me write aside from Continuing Stuff in Scarlet's Setting? 

4 deviants said How's the weather today, guys?
3 deviants said Alternate Universe/What If? Stories
2 deviants said Silly stuff, like Magical Girl Stories!
2 deviants said Why not some fetishy stuff? When was the last time you wrote a Transformation story!?
1 deviant said I don't really mind what you write as long as it's good
1 deviant said I want more Character Profiles!
1 deviant said I just want you to work on the story
No deviants said Side-Stories/Gaidens in the Setting
No deviants said Side-Notes for the setting in general to help get a grasp on it
No deviants said Nothing, becuase this will just distract you!


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