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Skull Girl Scarlet by Dragon-FangX

And wrapping up my October commissions with this one! Really took my vision/idea for this to new heights with this. It's good to know y...

Black Blood Scarlet by Dragon-FangX

Where to start with this? There's so many thigns done right that look amazingly cool in this. Basically nailed everything I asked for, ...

Nobody - Scarlet Assassin by Dragon-FangX

Since I did Critiques for all the Halloween things last year, I thought it was only fair to do it again this year. Anyway, you really t...

Vampire Learning to Hop by Dragon-FangX

Yet another Critique to make up for the fact I haven't been up to it. First of all, I really like the design, Scarlet's never really wo...


To be honest, I have quite a few weird fetish/kink things I wanna commission at a later point, some stuffing, some vore, some clone TF, stuff like that. Gonna have to wait though, not only to find the right artists, but also because I need to take a break from that
I don't apologize for the Vore in my Odd Tastes folder.
It's called Odd tastes for a reason
I'm also still just so perplexed.
Why does Nui get little to no fetish art? She's the best yet she never even got any fat art until very very recently. It's so very bizarre. So It's pretty refreshing to actually see some. Hopefully there'll be more in the future
Kind of worried at the groups the commission I just got were put in, whenever I get commissions they're for me or my friends, I don't care much about mass appeal (unless it's a design), I'm just surprised at the numbers. It really has been a while since I got a TF thing, let alone a sequence.
Oh well.
Also kinda concerned at the number of people who will see that and never look at my stuff and just assume Scarlet is just a TF object.
Like, no, not at all. This was for an AU thing.
Like I said, oh well, still glad I finally got around to doing another TF thing
Noel Tammel :Toy Mage: by Jutsei
Noel Tammel :Toy Mage:

Been a while, once more, a lot of the stuff I've been up to hasn't been stuff I felt like sharing on DA due to apathy and things related to that, this was actually finished a while ago, so I decided to upload this now

This is yet another new OC I developed, been kind of on a role with that, because of a character in One Piece named Sugar who transforms people into toys with a single toy (And binds their will/mind with another), I realized I have a kind of adoration for characters who turn others into toys, and since I already had an Au that's something like that, I just went full in and made a character with toy powers, I couldn't decide if I wanted them to be a boy, or a girl, so I just decided to go with both/none

The result is this character, Noel, they're agender/bigender, they're any gender that you, the reader want them to be! A bit like NiGHTs in that regard. They're from Scarlet's world of Larutan, so unlike Adalynn, they're quite likely to show up in that story! They have a variety of magical powers inspired by toys old, new, and completely made up

Noel's story is still very much in the planning stages, but the short version is that they are the heir to a world famous toy company known for it's innovation and creativity, they live inside a mansion outside a rather small town, though, it tends to get visitors because of the Tammel name alone, for a while, Noel lived with their parents and was happy, but one day, their parents simply were gone, simply vanished without a word! Were they kidnapped? Did they go on a trip? No one knew, but Noel had taken to living alone quite well, though, they do tend to spend parts of their vast fortune unwisely.

Noel has a habit of carrying large bags of currency with them, and paying well over the asking price without haggling, they don't quite mind, but this does cause unwanted attention, it's not unusual for muggers, thieves, or other rogues to attempt to steal, murder, or kidnap the child to secure the vast fortune they own, but strangely, after this, there is either no trace of the assailants, or they are found wandering out of Noel's house days later in a daze.

The reason for this is because Noel soundly defeats all who approach him with ill intent with strange powers, usually personified by giant toys appearing out of nowhere, puppet strings, or "defective" toys being launched at their foes like a mortar, if an opponent is dazed, confused, or otherwise caught unaware, Noel can even transform them into a much smaller form, that of a toy, at which point they can be controlled by him with strings, or other methods. Scarlet is used as an example for this power in this picture, it could happen in her story, who knows?

After this, would-be assailants are either released (if they behave), or thrown into the basement, never to be found again (if they are bad/still attempt to rob him).

Noel would like to leave their house and tour the world of Larutan, but fear for what might happen if their parents returned to find their child missing, they'd need to find out what happened to them first!

Another very fun character that integrates some of my interests in a fun/creative way without being fetishy, as well as being a bit of a step forward in character diversity (I'm glad to have a non gender binary character), Noel was extremely fun to make

Noel belongs to me
Art belongs to :iconraccrew:
Update I've added links to the sites of the two computers (and Build) I'm looking at

So, in the past few years, I've needed a computer upgrade, but now it's just clear that in order to play the games I want (Mostly Blizzard games), I'm going to need an upgrade, and Iw as going to ask this in a poll, but oh right, sub ran out, so I might as well ask here.

I was going to link specific examples but I'm not sure if I should do that quite yet, I was curious what my watchers thought I should do

Should I simply buy a pre-built computer... (as in one you can get anywhere)

...Build a computer with help and parts decided by my friends...… As seen here

...Or buy a custom gaming computer that's built and tested for three days from a website dedicated to doing just that?… As seen here? (I'm looking at the "Better" version in particular)

Third one is currently the one I'm leaning towrads the most, but it would be the most expensive, so >_>;
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Call me "Shin"
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